• EFT - Tap your way to happiness!

    Feeling burned out or close to it?


    Coach Melanie has 10 years of experience helping individuals

    get unstuck and back on the path to happiness! Tapping (aka EFT)

    is a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern

    psychology. When one taps on these acupressure points one sends

    a calming message to one's brain. This turns off the stress response

    so one can experience life in a better way.

  • What is Tapping (aka EFT)?

    Have you been looking for a solution?


    Let Coach Melanie show you how to unleash the power inside of you. We were all born with love and choices. We all have the potential for confidence, new beginnings and soul freeing clarity.


    Tapping has been proven to be able to calm the brain and release those chemicals like serotonin and even dopamine, to get us back to a resting brain instead of that fighting brain. We gain clarity by neutralizing our emotions and tapping lowers the intensity of the feeling so that we are able to think with clarity.


    We are not always in tune with our options and they are always available to us. Coach Melanie has helped 100’s find the truth from the lies. The answers are inside of us. Most of us don’t know how to tap into that. Instead we wake up everyday and do everything in survival mode, we react to life instead of respond to it.


    Coach Melanie wants to show you how to find your own solution for your life - not her solution, yours.


  • Services

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    Free Consultation about EFT (Tapping)

    The Hero's journey begins with the first step...

    Still not sure if you're ready to get unstuck? Talk with Coach Melanie for the right program and class for you!

    Medical Burnout Coaching

    Get tangible results!

    12 One-hour live group coaching sessions, 6 individual private coaching sessions with Melanie, focused training modules, guided progress toward your goal, recordings of training sessions provided for your review, and more!

    Melanie's Bestselling Book: Happy, Joyous, and Free

    Let Melanie share with you what she has learned in her years of coaching

    If you are frustrated by hitting the wall over and over again or confused by the fact that your best efforts are not getting you the results you want, buy this book and get some great advice on how to clear the obstacles you find in your life!

    Have Coach Melanie speak at your next event!

    There is no better way to energize a team then to learn how to become unstuck together!

    Coach Melanie speaks to groups small or large to help them see their potential for achieving their dreams. She helps people to get out of their own way to build the future they've always wanted.

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